What 1,100 new call center jobs in Tucson means for your ONE call

By Tom Karinshak
May 22, 2015

Let’s face it: No one likes to wait on hold. The music isn’t that good and it’s time that could have been spent doing other important things.

What if you could say: “I never have to wait on hold with Comcast, I can tell they respect my time.”

We recently took another step toward that goal with the announcement of our new call center in Tucson and the more than 1,100 new customer service employees who will soon be working there.

The call center will be designed to support these new employees and equip them with everything they need to deliver an excellent customer experience. These representatives will assist customers with billing and repair questions as well as sales and customer service. Specialized teams will handle more complex customer needs. The center will also be home to our new Spanish speaking employees specializing in social media.

But you may be wondering, what good does 1,100 new call center employees mean for you and that one call you have when you have an issue? Fair point.

These new agents and the rest of the 5,500 new employees that we're hiring—as well as the training and tools we’re providing for them—are part of our plan to improve your experience by significantly reducing the time you have to wait on hold and increasing the rate at which we are able to solve your issue the first time you call (something we measure called “First Call Resolution”).

There are many other projects that will contribute to this goal including improving our call routing system so you get to the right person and don’t have to be transferred, increasing the number of self-service options we offer so that you can take care of most issues without having to call, and improving the overall reliability of our network and products so you never even have an issue in the first place.

Ultimately, by reducing the time you spend on hold and getting it right the first time, we hope we make your life a little easier.