Introducing Xfinity xFi

By Eric Schaefer
May 11, 2017

We don’t often think about our home Wi-Fi network, but with more and more connected devices (even connected toys these days!), it has become the backbone to getting things done and making things run. What if there was a way to get more speed, and better coverage and control of your Wi-Fi network? We want to improve that experience for you.

This is why we created XFINITY xFi, a new service to help you simplify and better manage your home Wi-Fi network and the devices that connect to it. Launching this week, xFi brings you new features that takes your home Wi-Fi experience to the next level – you can create personal profiles for family members, pause Wi-Fi connection during dinner time, optimize speeds for devices and more. We’re pumped and we think you will be too!

Hear more from our team:

Download the XFINITY xFi app for Apple or Android devices or visit to set up!