We heard you, we’re on it!

By Steve Salata
August 15, 2017

As part of our customer service and customer experience transformation, we’re constantly asking customers like you for feedback. And your comments make a real difference! Here are some of the new initiatives we’ve put in place as a direct result of your feedback:

  • You told us that you love to enable Closed Captioning with the Voice Remote, but wish that you could also switch to Spanish as well. We’ve made some changes so that you can now turn Spanish audio on and off with a single voice command. Simply say “Turn on SAP,” “Turn off SAP”, “Encender SAP” and “Apagar SAP” into the Voice Remote.SAP off using the Voice Remote
  • Households grow and change and sometimes you need more than one person authorized to alter your account. This is something you told us you need and we want to make account management as easy as possible. Now when you call us, we’ll ask if you’d like to make more than one person an authorized user on your account so both you and your spouse, roommate or parent has complete access to your account.Add authorized user to your account
  • To keep your equipment running smoothly, X1 reboots itself every night while you sleep. Well, while most of you sleep. For those nighttime binge watchers, you told us there’s nothing worse than being interrupted by a reboot when you’re in the middle of the “This Is Us” finale. Now, if you’re watching TV we’ll hold off the nightly reboot until you’re ready for bed.

Change the time of your nightly X1 rebootWe love hearing your thoughts on what we can do to make the experience better and your feedback helps us decide what to tackle next. Keep it coming!