Take back the dinner table with xFi

By Eric Schaefer
May 31, 2017

You lead a busy life. Those moments when you come together with family or friends to catch up over a good meal are important. That is, until dinnertime is interrupted by texting. With xFi, you can enjoy whatever moment is special to you and your family want without digital distractions.

xFi, a new home Wi-Fi service to give you more visibility and control of the technologies in your home. One of our favorite features is the pause button, which allows you to pause all or just a few Wi-Fi connected devices in your home. You can even categorize and pause devices by owner – so come dinner time or bedtime, your kids will be offline and ready to help set the table or brush their teeth.

You can access the pause feature via the XFINITY xFi app for Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, on the biggest screen in your house with the Xfinity X1 set top box, on the web (at www.xfinity.com/myxfi), or simply speak into the X1 voice remote control and say “pause internet”. No more Snapchat or streaming during dinnertime so you can catch up the happenings of the day with your pack. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s how to use it:

We want to give you the ultimate home Wi-Fi experience, and xFi is the latest feature we created to give you more speed, coverage and control of your home network.