Some tips for keeping your home network safe and secure

By Noopur Davis
May 23, 2017

We know how important your home internet connection is to you. With cybersecurity threats growing in number and complexity, we work hard to keep you safe and secure. But there are also some important steps you can take to protect yourself and your family:

  1. Make sure you have good security software: Keep your home network and personal devices protected by downloading a cybersecurity software program; these programs are constantly updated to protect you from the latest malware, phishing and cyberbots out there. We offer Norton Security to XFINITY Internet customers at no additional cost, so you can help to keep your laptops and desktops secure. Download it here:
  2. And keep it up-to-date: Once you’ve got a security program installed, make sure it, in addition to your commonly used apps and your operating system software, is up-to-date. Microsoft also frequently releases security patches – you can install the free WanaCry Ransomware security patch to protect yourself against the latest cyber threat for Windows-based computers. It can be downloaded here:
  3. Think before you click: Phishing schemes attempt to trick you into clicking links in seemingly legitimate email messages. If you have a question about whether an e-mail is real, you can always reach out to the sender through known channels like its website, email address, or telephone. Never click on links from unknown sources or in notes that contain threats or ask for money.
  4. Be creative with your passwords: Maintaining strong passwords helps to protect your home devices and personal data from being compromised. Make sure you use different passwords for different accounts and websites. Always use a mix of letters and characters because it’s harder for hackers to guess them. If you need to change the password of your home Wi-Fi network use My Account, you can find instructions here:  Password managers are also a great way to keep your account passwords saved in one place.