Providing our customers the right information at the right time

By Piers Lingle
November 15, 2017

Customers rely on us for the important services that power their homes – such as Wi-Fi and video entertainment. And we heard from customers that they want to know what’s happening with their service without surprises. They don’t want to have to take time out of their busy day to have to call us to confirm technician appointments or equipment deliveries. That’s why we created RealTime Assist, a proactive and personalized service messaging platform.

We wanted to reach customers in the channels most relevant to them, and we know that mobile phones have become a key way our customers stay connected. RealTime Assist shares updates with customers via SMS text messaging, through the My Account app, or on the customer’s TV screen via X1.  And, we only message customers when they really need to hear from us, about their service. We want to give customers the right amount of information at the right time, when they need it.

RealTime Assist messages customers on their technician appointments, equipment updates, self-install kits, network upgrades, and planned outages. We also send helpful “how to” videos to help customers prepare for appointments or set up their equipment on their own, so they can get back to their day as quickly as possible. And, we’ve received some great feedback! Since its launch, RealTime Assist has messaged over 4.5 million customers, and we’re looking at how we can further build this out.

We want to make customers’ experience simpler and better with RealTime Assist. Meeting customers in the channels that matter most to them with the most relevant information is how we plan to communicate moving forward.

Check out the below video below to see RealTime Assist in action.