15 million customers are using our app and website to manage their home Wi-Fi, payments, and more

By Bill Saylor
October 6, 2017

Almost 15 million customers are using My Account, a self-service platform we created to help customers manage their Xfinity account quickly and easily, and from anywhere.

More and more our customers told us that they wanted to be able to make quick simple changes to their account on their own time, without having to speak with us. We took a look at the top transactions our customers were making that we knew would be easy to do on the move and from a mobile phone, and created a tool that gave our customers a quick and easy way to do them from the couch, the dinner table, or on the bus ride to work.

We’re always working to make it better and better. And now, several years later, My Account has grown from being a place to make quick transactions, to a platform from which customers can now manage so many aspects of their account. Customers can now access My Account through multiple places – online, via our mobile app, and through the biggest screen in their home – X1. And customers love it too – with nearly 15 million of them using the platform to manage their plan, pay their bill, schedule a call with us, troubleshoot their devices and more.

Here are some of the top ways customers use it:

Top uses for My Account

Download the My Account app for Apple or Android devices.